A pleasant news from a martyr’s wife

There were rumors in Medina that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been martyred in the battle of Ohd. Women were at their way to Ohd in order to get the exact news about the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
On their way an astonishing scene attracted their attention. A woman was returning from the battlefield having the bodies of three martyrs on a camel.
Like she had not witnessed even a small tragedy, in responding to the questions of the women, she said in a normal manner: I have a pleasant news. Th Holy Prophet (PBUH) is alive and fine and in view of this great blessing all the troubles are tiny and negligible. The said: Who are these martyrs? She said: My husband, my son and my brother whom I am taking to Medina.

Source: Frogh-e-Abdiyat By Ayatollah Jaffar Subhani

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